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Anti-ship ballistic missile, is the carrier afraid of you?

Modern surface ships have strong air defense capabilities. In particular, aircraft carrier formations are often able to withstand the “saturation attack” of traditional anti-ship cruise missiles (“anti-ship missiles”). How to break the increasingly strict “golden bell”, many countries have thought of ballistic missiles that are known for their speed. The anti-ship ballistic missiles (ASBM) are in […]

The horror of the singer: Russia and Ukraine staged the “Strait Bumper Ship”

The Russian Federal Security Service patrol ship “Emerald” was also damaged in the conflict.     The Russian television station announced the capture of the Ukrainian firearms.     Ukrainian boats detained by the Russian army. On November 25th, three Ukrainian naval vessels sailed from Odessa to Mariupol and clashed with Russian armed ships while crossing the Kerch Strait […]

Skynet integration” battle is quietly coming

In mid-October 2018, the “Shriver-2018” space war exercise held by the US Air Force Space Command was another time after the “Shriver-2009” “Shriver-2010” to improve the integration of space and The cyber warfare capability is an important target for space warfare exercises. This not only highlights the strategic value of space and cyberspace, but also shows […]

Korean Air Force holds military exercises

The South Korean Joint Staff Headquarters announced on the 3rd that the Korean Air Force conducted a five-day aerial exercise from the 3rd to the 7th to replace the postponed codenamed “Warning Ace”. “Han-US joint military exercise.” The Joint Staff Headquarters said that the exercise was based on a separate exercise by the Korean Air […]

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