How does net red food be healthy? Regulatory needs to form synergy

“Dirty tea”, “flowing cake”, “no added cookies”… From private desserts to morning tea snacks, from night snacks to food supplements, I don’t know where the foods on social networks suddenly popped up. . Some have been given the name of “healthy food” by the merchants, and some have been transmitted to the Internet, especially after being forwarded by the stars, and swiftly swept through various social platforms, which became an explosion every night. Are these “net red foods” popular from the Internet really reliable?

Highly sought after by consumers

During this time, friends around me began to buy a kind of net red heart cake, and they all bought in boxes. According to the information given by the friend, the reporter went to the e-commerce platform search and found that the net red heart cake sold by this shop had a monthly sales volume of more than 26,000. The netizen’s message is also a sound of praise. “The milk fragrance of the entrance is definitely the standard of the fairies.” “It’s delicious to make people want to stop, they can’t stop.”

How much is the net red food? On the line, the line is even more amazing. This summer, the most popular net red drink is undoubtedly “dirty tea.” Some netizens broke the news that at the end of August, a newly opened net black tea shop in Wuhan, the people who lined up every day were tens of meters. The “fans” lined up in the sun for more than one hour, just to drink a cup of popular “dirty”. Dirty tea.”

“Dirty tea” is brown sugar pearl milk tea. The black sugar juice hangs on the wall to form a tiger-grain effect. It is popular among many young people as “dirty tea” when it is popular on the vibrato and the little red book. In this way, the net red items that win by the novel concept and the unique shape have recently been frequently exploding. Known as the “coconut ash ice cream” that can detoxify and nourish the skin, the shape is completely like the “towel roll” cake after the towel is folded, and the “fresh and visible” transparent bag is packed with milk… The reporter knows that these explosions are red products, basically It is spread all over the major cities and is highly sought after by young people. It has even become a punching point for foreign tourists. It is not far away, queued for a few hours, and then “pushes” the sun, and comments on it.

At the same time, many foreign “net red foods” have also crossed the ocean to China. For example, nutraceuticals, etc., there are many foreign species that are prohibited from being brought into the country by individuals. Not long ago, Ms. Chen, who came back from Germany to visit relatives, was detained by the airport customs officers and carried the “Net Red Nutrition” Chia seeds that were popular in Europe.

Food safety issues are frequent

“Net Red Food” has made some food lovers eagerly awaited, and food safety issues have been repeatedly exposed. In August 2017, due to the state-controlled drug ingredients, the Guangdong Public Security Department investigated and dealt with a net red drink called “咔哇潮饮”. Coincidentally, the popular Shanghai catering brand “a small cage is fortunate” has also disappeared from various catering platforms due to food safety issues; the popular “three squirrels” one pistachio product was found to have exceeded the mold in the national sampling inspection. , exceeding the national standard by 1.8 times.

It is worth noting that many products and businesses are also inconsistent, and some products may even harm health. For example, “dirty tea” has a high sugar content, which is not conducive to good health. “Coconut ash ice cream” is due to the addition of plant carbon black food coloring, which has nothing to do with detoxification and beauty; transparent packaging milk is just normal temperature. Milk changed a vest, can not avoid the light but it is easy to let the milk lose flavor.

“’Net Red Food’ brings both dividends and high-risk signals.” Zhong Kai, deputy director of Kexin Food and Nutrition Information Exchange Center, said that “Net Red Food” can expand beyond the imagination by capital boosting. Will magnify the problem. For example, the “small cages” bacteria contamination and the “three squirrels” molds may not be detected when running on a small scale. Once “red”, capacity bottlenecks may lead companies to relax food safety management. Level, causing the entire supply chain to go out of control.

Safety is the bottom line of food. Why can these “net red foods” cover the basic judgment of many consumers on food safety? Industry experts said that this has a lot to do with the marketing strategy of the business. On the one hand, “Net Red Food” attracts users with high value, and uses the social characteristics of acquaintances and word-of-mouth communication in the circle of friends, and at the same time launches the marketing public number to endorse it and brush out the sense of existence; on the other hand, “net red food” “Generally, there are signs such as feelings, literature, and lucidity, which cater to people’s pursuit of novelty and follow-up.” This has also led most consumers to ignore the legal qualifications of manufacturers and merchants when choosing “net red food”.

Supervision still needs to form a joint force

“Net red food should not be a constraint to innovation, but the bottom line of food safety cannot be relaxed.” Zhong Kai believes that “net red food” should have an inclusive attitude and encourage innovation. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen supervision, protect consumer rights, zero tolerance for violations of laws and regulations, and warn against “blanking the ball”, and cannot allow “net red food” to be free from supervision.

In fact, there are laws and regulations for the network regulations and investigations of “Net Red Food”. According to Article 9 of China’s “Measures for the Supervision and Administration of Internet Food Business”, online food operators shall publicize their business licenses, licenses or filing vouchers on the main page of the website or the main page of business activities; Article 10 stipulates that the network platform shall be released. The food information shall be legal and valid, the content shall be true and accurate, and shall not be falsely publicized or falsely expressed, and shall not involve disease prevention and treatment functions. However, the security risks of “Net Red Food” are often beyond the reach of the regulatory authorities, especially in the WeChat circle of friends, which has strong privacy.

When consumers buy “net red food”, don’t just buy it with gimmicks, and pay more attention to food safety information and the health status of the business premises. To choose a store with a business license, when buying handmade food, pay attention to the date of production, shelf life, and shelf life of the food. At the same time, when purchasing food, try to choose foods with ingredient labels, especially the use of food additives in the ingredients list.

For the purchase of health food, Liu Xuecong, secretary-general of the China Nutrition and Health Food Association, said that consumers must first have a certain understanding of the efficacy and purpose of health food, and do not blindly purchase and use. At the time of purchase, you should carefully check the information on the label of the outer packaging label, and do not purchase the product on the label that does not have the health food approval number but claims to be a health food. Consumers, especially the elderly, should be especially wary of using products such as prize attraction, health talks, family marketing, and exaggeration to avoid being deceived.

In this sense, in order to make “net red food” red, the regulatory authorities, businesses and consumers will work together. The food supervision department should strengthen supervision and strictly crack down on the “black workshop” and turn it into a “net red”, and check the marketing behavior of illegal businessmen invading the circle of friends to form a shocking effect. Under strict and effective supervision, merchants can truly be responsible for consumers, and work harder on product quality to ensure food safety. In addition, consumers should be more rational, more vigilant and preventive, to avoid blindly chasing the problem “net red food.”

Updated: February 21, 2017 — 11:30 am

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