Winter storage cabbage sold 6,000 pounds a day

Early this morning, customers who came to buy winter storage cabbages lined up.

In the busy year, Xiao Li became Lao Li (left).

  On the 7th of November, Lidong, the cabbage is rooted on the roots, and the family eats hot dumplings. This is the old Beijing. It’s time to buy winter storage, this year is not to order some cabbage, too much, there are so many, and my heart is good. Buying winter storage vegetables has long since become a habit from the season, even a little ritual.

Cabbage can sell 6,000 pounds a day

At 5 o’clock in the morning, the sky was unclear, and the winter storage dish that was transported to the Chongwenmen market in the evening was unloaded. At 8 o’clock, the old people who came to buy cabbage and green onions lined up and queued from the door of the market to the parking lot more than ten meters away.

“Buy two cabbages to pickle up.” With the help of Master Li, the old man said to his wife while he was paying for it. After weighing the weight, Master Li turned back and asked: “Aunt, have you got two? I will put this in your pocket.” Every year before and after the winter, this is a common scene in the Chongwenmen market. Only in recent years, the old people who come to buy winter storage vegetables will sigh, the winter storage is not as hot as it used to be, but there are still sales points at the door. Among the old people who lined up, there lived nearby, and there was a little further away. The vegetable market was located at the Guangqumen Bridge. There were not many elderly people who came from Tiantan and Jinsong to buy winter storage.

Yang Xueqing is the manager of the vegetable market. As an old state-owned enterprise, Chongwenmen Market sells winter storage vegetables every year. “As long as the people have demand, we have the obligation to satisfy. Selling winter storage is already our old tradition.” Yang Xueqing accepted that preparations will begin every year from late October, and the sales usually last from half a month to one month. This year is expected to last until November 15. If the old neighborhoods have requirements, this time will be extended. “Bai Cai two hair nine (one pound), green onions nine hair nine (one pound), the annual price is similar. Cabbage can sell 6000 pounds a day, green onions five or six kilograms. Beijing citizens, especially the elderly, still very much recognize the winter storage of.”

Winter storage is no longer just needed

The reporter visited a number of winter store sales points. Compared with the past few years, the elderly who push carts and ride three rounds to pull vegetables have been rare. For many elderly people, buying winter storage vegetables has become a matter of “carrying hands” after shopping in the supermarket. When you see it, you still have to buy two trees habitually. “I can’t take too much, I buy one or two trees at a time, and I have already smashed six trees until now.” An aunt who lined up and an old sister behind him chanted.

Nowadays, winter vegetables are rich in variety and abundant in supply. In addition to the price of winter vegetables, it is more a habit. More old people said that if they don’t buy, they always feel that there is something missing in the winter. “After a few days, it is cold again, it is windy and snowy, and I don’t want to go downstairs. I have a few cabbages at home, and my heart is always practical.”

Speaking of this, Master Peng is very touched. “In the past, it was just needed. I bought a lot every year. There are balconies and corridors. I have to turn the sun from time to time. I count it in the winter. I really use it. Now I buy more cabbage. I thought, a seasoned cabbage was bought back, and it was eaten more refined than before. It was stuffed, made into soup, and cold mixed. A cabbage was eaten several times, not wasted, and gradually became a pleasure. Nothing is still not good. of.”

Winter storage has become a kind of “thinking”

After busy busy with the dumplings, Master Li hangs a work card on his chest. The photo on the top is still young, but the person is already gray. “I started selling cabbage in my 20s and retired next year.” Talking to Master Li about the past selling cabbage, the story seems too much to say. He remembers that the past few years in November are cold compared to the present. It is warm, he still remembers to sell cabbages and go door to door in the past. “On the 4th floor and the 6th floor, you have to go up and go down every year.” “I don’t know if your generation is old, every year. Will there be a scene for selling winter vegetables? Hey, don’t want to, as long as the people have demand, it must have.” Master Li’s words can’t be heard or worried, but the reporter also found that winter storage The impact is not only for the elderly, but also for generations of Beijingers. On the Internet, an old photo records the winter storage of the hills outside the Chongwenmen Market, the Peace Gate Market, and the Dongdan Market. This is the memory and taste of childhood, only to see the winter storage. The long line of platoons only feel that winter is coming

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