The horror of the singer: Russia and Ukraine staged the “Strait Bumper Ship”

The Russian Federal Security Service patrol ship “Emerald” was also damaged in the conflict.

    The Russian television station announced the capture of the Ukrainian firearms.

    Ukrainian boats detained by the Russian army.

On November 25th, three Ukrainian naval vessels sailed from Odessa to Mariupol and clashed with Russian armed ships while crossing the Kerch Strait of the Black Sea and the Azov Sea. In view of the fact that the waters of the incident are adjacent to the Russian “Century Project” Crimea Bridge, Russia and Ukraine have long been arguing around the bridge, and even confronted with heavy confrontation. How will the new conflict escalate the situation and the parties are highly nervous.

From impact to bombardment

The Ukrainian boats involved were the gunboats “Berjiangsk” (P-175), “Nikopo” (P-179) and their escorted armed tug “Yankapu” (A947) . The Russian side dispatched the “Don River” armed tugboat and the “Emerald” patrol ship of the Federal Security Service, and later there were two gunboats to help.

According to the comprehensive description of the two sides, the U.S. gunboat escorted on both sides of the “Yankapu”. When it was about to cross the Straits Bridge, it encountered a Russian “Emerald” interception. The Russian side called for a stop of the ship, but the Ukrainian army ignored it and proceeded. . The Russian tugboat “Donhe” smashed out to intercept the “Yankapu”, and the two Ukrainian gunboats immediately hit the “Donhe”, and the “Emerald” immediately seized the “Yankapu” left front array. Bit, trying to force him to stop the ship for inspection. The “Don River” accelerated from the starboard side of the “Yankapu” and collided with it.

At this time, the atmosphere was extremely tense. The Ukrainian boat group began to turn to the rudder and planned to withdraw the Uzbekistan to control the water surface. However, the Russian side refused to give up and immediately exchanged fire. As for who first fired the gun, Russia and Ukraine each took the word. After a short battle, the Ukrainian “Berjiangsk” host was destroyed, and the “Yankapu” host was also damaged, and the speed was greatly reduced. At this time, the Ukrainian boats slowed down and gave up their resistance. The Russian army immediately dispatched special warfare personnel in the form of helicopters, and successively controlled the three ships of Uzbekistan and sent them back to the Kerch Port in Crimea.

In the evening, the Russian Federal Security Service placed a tanker across the main channel of the Kerch Strait below the Crimean Bridge, completely blocking the strait and suspending all vessels.

    Why is it red?

Located between the Crimean peninsula and the Russian Taman peninsula, the Kerch Strait is the only way to communicate between the Black Sea and the Azov Sea. When the Soviet Union was disintegrated, Uzbekistan divided the Strait and the Azov Sea. Mariupol on the Azov Sea was a Ukrainian industrial base. The main product was oil extraction equipment, which was mainly exported by sea.

However, Russia and Ukraine often have conflicts due to the Kerch Strait. After the Crimean entered Russia in 2014, Russia actually obtained full control of the strait. The Azov Sea, which was originally the “land sea” of Russia and Ukraine, almost became the Russian inland sea. Not only that, the Russian side built the Crimean Bridge across the Kerch Strait, and connected the lonely Crimean Peninsula with the mainland. On May 15 this year, the bridge road was partially opened to traffic, and Russian President Putin personally drove the card. The Maz car on the bridge experience, Ukraine and the West accused the bridge of the intention to limit the shipping capacity of the Kerch Strait. The Ukrainian “Kyiv Post” said that the main span of the Crimean Bridge is 227 meters wide, which limits the width of the main channel from two to three kilometers to about 200 meters. It is like a ship lock, and it is easier for Russian to control navigation. . The net height of the main span of the bridge is 35 meters. According to this calculation, the tonnage of the ships allowed to pass is only 10,000 tons, which limits the ability of Mariupol to enter and exit large tonnage vessels. It is said that as early as the construction phase of the bridge, the throughput of Mariupol has dropped by 25%. Many large-sized derrick equipment cannot be transported by sea. It can only be dismantled and transported by boat or even railway to Odessa in the west. Reassembly of exports, the cost increased by nearly 20%, the international competitiveness of Mariupol products plummeted.

Why is Russia so damaging Mariupol? Because it is the second largest city in the eastern part of Ukraine with a tendency to separate, when the pro-Russian civil armed forces took office in 2014 and seized the important towns such as Donetsk, the Wudong regime authorities moved here. As the industrial center of Wudong, the decline of Mariupol will inevitably lead to economic downturn in the whole region, and the population of Mariupol is special, with only 48.7% of Ukrainians and 44.4% of Russians. The tendency to break up with Kiev has always existed. Shaking the economic status of Mariupol is expected to form a more favorable situation for Moscow in Wudong.

“all-round war” rumors

After the strait crashed into the ship, Ukraine reacted fiercely. On the evening of November 26, President Poroshenko announced that the country had entered the “wartime state” from 9:00 on November 28, stipulating that ten states bordering Russia and Belarus in eastern and northern Ukraine were transferred to martial law.

However, the mobilization of the Ukrainian army seems to be “thunder and heavy rain”, and there is no sign of large-scale mobilization of reserve and national transit to wartime. Critics speculated that the collision incident was “utilized” by Poroshenko. The purpose was to suppress the opposition party’s canvassing activities through martial law and prepare for the presidential election in the coming year. It is known that even in the height of the 2015 Udong war, Ukraine did not announce it. Wartime status and martial law. In fact, NATO also refused to signal a Ukrainian military adventure. NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg threatened to increase sanctions against Russia, but did not mention the U.S. military aid. Under such a situation, it is unimaginable for Ukraine to conduct an all-out war against Russia

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