Learning tactical art needs to trace its mathematical mechanism

Tactics has the duality of art and science. Science is the foundation of art. If tactics are not based on science, it is not enough to become art. In the era of informationized warfare, “faster and slower” and “refined rough” have long become the general consensus for winning. Under such premise, it is particularly important to discuss the scientific basis of tactical art and dig deep into its mathematical mechanism, service and guidance.

Tactics is the deep refinement and sublimation of mathematical analysis. Combat phenomena are similar to other social phenomena, have their own particularities, and also have their own laws and causal relationships. The victory of tactical use must be the result of grasping the key factors under certain factors and conditions, correctly applying the combat strength, and advancing according to the law. British legendary hero T.E. Lawrence once described: “The nine-tenths of tactics are certain and can be learned from textbooks, but another irrational one-tenth is like a kingfisher sweeping across the water, it is right The test of the wisdom of the generals.” Without the determination of nine tenths before, the last one-tenth of the leap does not exist. The tactics must be the sublimation of art based on rigorous mathematical analysis. For example, the primitive and plain tactical concept of “big eating and small” is based on the consideration of combat capability. How much “big” is often required for mathematical analysis. Under different conditions and circumstances, the specific expression of “big” is obviously different. .

The mathematical mechanism of inquiry tactics is the realistic requirement of learning tactics. If the tactics skip the process of mathematical derivation and deduction, and step on the art platform, the big probability will become the “mysterious and mysterious” that goes to “personal talent” and “only can be said to be unspeakable.” The artistic nature of tactics makes it more aesthetically pleasing, so it is more tasteful and more likely to resonate, respect and look up. It’s just that it’s artistic but not easy to order. The reproducibility and re-creation are greatly reduced, because not every combat commander can understand the meaning of the tactical art repeatedly, and then know its principle. Learn to use it. Only by abstracting the mathematical mechanism of tactical use can we make the seemingly metaphysical tactical art come into being, so that it can have better inheritance. I only know the table, I don’t know what to do, I can’t grasp the mathematical mechanism of the warfare tactics. In actual combat, I often have a hard time, let alone live and learn.

It is especially important to explore the mathematical mechanism of future intelligent combat tactics. From artificial intelligence to “algorithm war” is the same. The basis of artificial intelligence is hardware and data, but the core is the algorithm, and the algorithm is the engine of artificial intelligence. The core and foundation of the construction algorithm is rigorous mathematical analysis and reasoning. Its connotation is to create an abstract mathematical model based on the problem, and choose different methods to complete the algorithm design according to the target problem. Only when the weapon inputs and learns the tactical mathematical formula, can it have the basis of achieving “intelligence”, and can cooperate with the commander to carry out “intelligent combat.” From the “smart calculation” of “Sun Tzu’s Art of War” to “algorithm war”, there may be differences in the content, methods, means, tools, etc., but the demands and concepts of winning the war are the same and are the same. Adapting to the operational trend of artificial intelligence military applications, traditional tactical art continues to release light in the era of information warfare and even intelligent warfare. It is necessary to understand the mathematical mechanism of tactical victory through the deepening of the phenomenon, and to describe the tactical design and application in mathematical language. The algorithm of the soul, service and application to combat.

Updated: October 15, 2016 — 11:34 am

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