When diabetes meets low blood sugar: master self-help methods are not flustered

Diabetes patients are receiving some hypoglycemic drugs, and they are prone to hypoglycemia or even life-threatening due to improper diet or exercise. Experts suggest that you can master some simple self-rescue methods to relieve pain and eliminate danger when hypoglycemia occurs. “When there are symptoms such as trembling, rapid heartbeat, hunger, sweating, limb weakness, headache, etc., […]

Identify the risk of disease from the palm

From finger length to grip strength, people’s hands can reveal some surprising disease risk factors. A US abstract website recently summarized this. First, the length of the finger can reveal the risk of arthritis Researchers at the University of Nottingham in the UK published a study in Arthritis and Rheumatism that showed that women with long […]

India established the first elephant hospital

According to Indian media reports on the 19th, the country’s first elephant hospital was officially opened in the village of Churmla near Agra, Uttar Pradesh. According to reports, the hospital is located near the Indian Elephant Conservation Center and is jointly established by the Indian Wildlife Conservation Organization and the Uttar Pradesh Forest Management Department. […]

Online shop deli duck quality on the “black list”

Consumers who love online shopping for salted duck ducks and ducks have noticed that several products have recently been on the “black list”. Recently, the General Administration of Market Supervision organized 1209 batches of five types of foods, including meat products, aquatic products, dairy products, infant formula and edible agricultural products, and found 33 batches of […]

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